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Arduino Wordclock Project

This wordclock in generally works as the thousands of other DIY projects, I just added some features mostly based on separating all LEDs to use them as 8x5 segment display.

hardware used

  • Ardunio Nano
  • WS2812B LED strip (121 LEDs)
  • DS3231 RTC with AT24C32 eeprom
  • push buttons (5x)


  • wordclock german layout in three text modes
  • temperature (based on the DS3232 tempeature feature)
  • seconds
  • date as running text
  • text 256 chars to be set as running text
  • LED mode just demo to test all LEDs and set color

initial eeprom setup

Due to lack of memory on Arduino Nano the 8x5 ASCII table must be written to the AT24C32 eeeprom. Threfore the ascii_memory sketch (located in it’s folder) should be uploaded first to update the eeprom. Once this done the wordclock sketch can be uploaded.